Introducing the New How I Did It Blog

Introducing the New How I Did It Blog

I’ve been writing regularly on The Online Presence Blog for several months. There has been a piece missing when writing there though.

Writing for small businesses trying to grow their business is a great topic but it doesn’t always cover everything I’m interested in doing. I have a passion for helping businesses grow online but there’s a how to aspect I’m missing, the more technical aspect.

When I build a website for a client or help them accomplish something, it usually comes with a lesson learned for me as well. I work with WordPress to build all the websites I design and there’s a learning curve with WordPress as with all things. I’ll never know everything about WordPress and it’ll never stop surprising me.

I didn’t want to write about the technical stuff on The Online Presence Blog because that is for my audience who are usually non-technical small business owners. This blog is a place I can write that’s for me, and people similar to me who have an interest in the technical stuff.

How I Did It Blog Goal

I don’t have a specific external goal for the community of this blog, but I do have a goal for myself. I want to document the process and the technical how to for the projects I work on.

For example, I recently had to figure out how I was going to make the search feature available across all devices. Search was previously only available on the desktop version of my site but mobile is just (if not more) important. I figured out a great way to include the search feature in the mobile drop-down menu (test it out!) It works great but I needed a place to document it.

The How I Did It Blog is the place where I will document those things. It will help others figure these things out and it will act as my memory for when I need to do them again. I don’t do it very often so I will probably forget the next time I need to put the search box in the mobile menu.

Who Will Benefit

I’m writing this blog to help myself but in doing that I will also help others like me who do my type of work. The technical is only one aspect of what I do because I focus on the business goal and converting visitors into customers.

The Online Presence Blog focuses on the business aspect of how to build an online presence while this blog focuses more on the technical how to. I participate in a lot of groups on Facebook and other places that help me accomplish a lot of great things. Those that I get help from and help share posts on how they did certain things. I’ve found those articles helpful and I wanted a place where I can post those too.

How Often

I always talk about the importance of establishing a schedule in blog posts. This is one of those times I’m breaking my own advice. Because this blog is for me and to help me, I am not trying to find my target audience. This blog is for an entirely different audience who might casually find my posts but probably won’t be looking for more.

The schedule of this blog is non-existent. I will write on this blog when I’ve done something that I want to document and share. If I haven’t done anything I want to document and share, there won’t be a post.

It could be one day until my next post or it could be a month.

I am setting up this blog as part of my newsletter which you can subscribe to independently from my other blog and newsletter. If you are interested in this blog use the subscription below this post or to the side and just select the How I Did It Blog.

I hope to hear from some of you and I hope there will be some good discussion in the comments. I already have my first post planned (about my search box) and you can expect to see it coming in the next few days or week.